Why is The Culture House producing Jesus Christ Superstar?!

Why is The Culture House producing Jesus Christ Superstar?!


And some of you may even be asking, “Why on earth is Jeremiah even asking this question?” 


Fake news.  That’s why. 


While there is nothing new under the sun, each generation gets confronted with issues, questions, and challenges that are a unique combination to them.  Fake news is one of our challenges. But the concept isn’t new, just the scale. 


Jesus Christ Superstar is NOT about the Jesus of the Bible.  It’s a fake Jesus.  An imposter.  To be fair, Andrew Lloyd Webber is up front about this, and he and Tim Rice, wrote it trying to guess what Judas’ perspective would be.  So, it’s more of an artistic and creative exercise than trying to rewrite the Gospel.  And I actually think there is value in asking the question, "How can a man who was so close to Jesus actually miss who He was?".  So, if you look at it from Judas’ perspective, then you will definitely get a distorted Jesus.  Judas was looking for someone other than the actual Messiah.  He wanted a political leader.  He wanted to be wealthy. He wanted to be in charge or at least close to the center of power.  The list goes on as to how many things we can guess about Judas without ever being able to claim that we really know.  Jesus Christ Superstar is a fantasy exploring that concept.  And are we like Judas? 


But there’s a valuable question today in watching this production:  Do I know the real Jesus?  Jesus is the most consequential figure in human history. If I have rejected Jesus, did I reject the real Jesus?  If I call myself a Christian, have I put my trust in the real Jesus?  Where did I get my idea of who Jesus is, and does it actually agree with the Jesus of the Bible? 


We have entered a time in our modern era where we come face to face with how difficult it is to know something to be true.  A generation ago, if you heard something on the news, you assumed it was true.  If a teacher or professor told you something, it must be factual, right?  If you were in a church or a club, you could assume you all understood the same thing. Today, that assumption has clearly been proven to not only be false, but dangerous.  How do we know something is true?  Who can we trust?  How do I know what I know? 


Huddling together in little groups, clinging to each other’s opinions as truth is clearly no longer viable.  We are lost if opinion is our guide. 


Besides the incredible music in the show, Jesus Christ Superstar has another good quality that is valuable … it reflects how the best lies really work.  And it reflects how truth is sometimes hidden and must be sought after.  Our inclination is to want everything to be crisp and clear; all good, all bad.  Superstar is how it really works. It is a fake Jesus, but the distortions are mixed in with true aspects of the Biblical narrative.  Do you know which is which?  Do you care?  Do we as a culture care about truth anymore?  Do we know why it matters or have we just resigned to our own limitations, thrown our hands up, and stomped on anyone who claims to know something definitively?  


We are producing Jesus Christ Superstar to confront our generation.  I am starting this blog in hopes of engaging discussion on whether people really know who Jesus is, where society has misrepresented him, see if folks figure out whether they believe in the real Jesus or a fake one.  And, if I find out I have rejected or accepted a fake Jesus, what am I prepared to do? 


I hope you will engage in the time leading up to the performances and join us for what is guaranteed to be a thoughtful and powerful performance.  


Jesus Christ Superstar 

July 20-23, 2017 

July 20th:  7pm 

July 21st:  7pm 

July 22: 2pm & 7pm 

July 23: 2pm 

Polsky Theatre at the Carlsen Center (JCCC) 

12345 College Blvd. 

Overland Park, KS 

All seats:  $17 (plus box office fees) 

For online sales:  https://tickets.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=tix&e=cd0253b8c3d8724...


- Jeremiah Enna